May 4th 5:30 pm Family Gap Year by Sheila Maloney

Join us for A Taste of Brazil with Sheila Maloney 

Co-hosted by the Brazilian Cultural Center of Chicago

Presentation With Book Signing to Follow

Family Gap Year: How We Moved to Brazil, Dropped Our Overscheduled Lives, and Created a Sustainable, Happy Future for our Family


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Tired of living the exhausting life of modern working moms?


So was Sheila Maloney, a forty-two-year-old lawyer from Chicago with three kids under ten. On paper, everything was great.  She had a loving husband, a career, and a home.


But Sheila was exhausted by her life’s frenetic pace - running to and from practices, meetings, and other back-to-back appointments. Sheila wondered, “Is this life making us happy, or just driving me nuts?” She decided there had to be more, so she packed up her family of five and embarked on a journey to Vitória, Brazil.


In Family Gap Year, Sheila will tell you about their adventure.  She will share what she learned when she stopped listening to what society told her she should do and started listening to what her soul was calling her to do instead.


Sheila’s mom will be providing traditional Brazilian brigadeiros (treats) for the event, with guaranás (Brazilian soft drink) provided by the Brazilian Cultural Center of Chicago 

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