Inventory Reminder

We will be CLOSED for INVENTORY on Sunday, February 12, 2017.  We will resume buying books for CREDIT on February 13th.

Support Free Speech

after-words is helping support a fellow bookseller in Hong Kong and free speech around the world.
American Booksellers for Free Expression (ABFE) has created a T-shirt calling for the release of a Hong Kong bookseller who has been held for more than a year by the Chinese government. The T-shirt is part of an international campaign to free Gui Minhai, the co-owner of the Causeway Bay Bookstore.
Gui is one of five men connected with the bookstore who disappeared in the fall of 2015 and later resurfaced in police custody on the Chinese mainland. The bookstore is owned by Mighty Current, a publisher of gossipy and sometimes sensationalistic books about Chinese leaders. Gui, a Swedish citizen, is the only bookseller who remains under arrest. The others were allowed to return to Hong Kong after months of detention.
The front of the shirt uses Chinese characters to demand Gui’s release. The back reads, “American independent bookstores and readers for the release of Gui Minhai.”
We are only charging $5 per shirt and all proceeds will go towards more shirts and more support for our fellow bookseller.