September 23-29: Banned Books Week

Some thoughts from the store owner, Beverly Dvorkin
Every year since 1982, the American Library Association has sponsored banned books week (http://www.ala.org/advocacy/bbooks/banned).   It is meant to highlight the challenges that still exist to one of our most basic and cherished rights as American citizens – to read the material of our choosing.
We as Americans often take our rights as citizens for granted.  But we cannot afford complacency.   Every day, there is someone who thinks they have the right to choose for an entire community what they are allowed to read, watch, listen to, or look at.  No one should make that choice for another citizen. 
Since 1998, after-words bookstore has participated in Banned Books Week.  Every year, for the entire month of September, we highlight books that have been challenged and/or banned around the country, and around the world.  It is by far our most popular annual display, both in terms of sales and in terms of the discussions it prompts.
This year, we are offering an in-store special.  Buy any book displayed with a bookmark on our Banned Books table from now until the end of the month, and we will discount it by 20%.
Happy Banned Books Week, everybody.  Celebrate the first amendment. And your freedom to read.