Charity Book Sale May 13th and 14th Noon-6pm


May 13th and May 14th, 2023

Charity Book Sale



Get a bag FULL of books for only $10!

Bring your own, or use one of our bags - available for $5 


after-words book sale to benefit charity is here!


The sale will benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository.


We’ll be setting up some tables in our event space for you to fill your bags with. For $10 you can fill your own bag. Or you can purchase one from us for an additional $5, but all proceeds go to the Greater Chicago Food Depository. 

The Greater Chicago Food Depository, Chicago’s food bank, started with one purpose – to nourish neighbors at risk of hunger. And as the needs of those neighbors have evolved, so has the depository.  Their work against hunger has expanded to address the issues that cause food insecurity and poverty.

Their mission is to end hunger.


Supplies are limited.  There are no guarantees on what will be left when you get here.


Come check it out and get your bag full of books!!



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