April 26th 6:30-9:30pm in the after-words event space

Issue launch for issue 2 of a five-part anthology zine.  

AVERSION is a queerly surreal work of freeform horror storytelling by Chicago-based author Aaron Eischeid. Each issue features a unique multimedia build and original illustrations by local artists that bring to life the harrowing tale of Owen, a teenager hurled head and soul-first into a mad doctor’s practice of dangerous and degrading therapy.

“Dummy,” the inaugural chapter released in 2016, is where you first meet Owen in a mysterious waiting room. Here lies a door to madness, inquisition, and coercive Freudian psychology gone gut-churningly awry. 

Now, in the all-new sequel chapter, “Canine,” the scope of Owen’s ‘therapeutic’ journey widens. Beginning in 1800s Russia, a mutt experiences the breakthrough of Ivan Pavlov’s classic experiments. There, he meets a strange force who has come to steal and warp those experiences for modern purposes. It is here our protagonist must endure the aversive conditioning of his identity under the nefarious tactics of Your Doctor. Meanwhile, joined by an all-new motley crew of characters, Owen discovers larger spiritual forces at work that could promise salvation…or destroy everything.

Come experience an unforgettable launch event that will include a live, theatrical reading complete with chilling effects followed by a discussion with the author, signing, and free wine and snacks!

Parts 1 & 2 are available for sale for only $5 each.

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