Saturday, October 24, 2015

November 7th 6pm Meet author Derek Haas

What happens when an elite assassin becomes a father? Acclaimed author and screenwriter Derek Haas explores the answers in A Different Lie, a unique and thrilling twist on a family story.  Mr.  Haas will be celebrating his new novel with a reception and signing here with us from 6pm onward.

Now a new dad, Columbus, the infamous “Silver Bear,” finds himself staying up late for feedings and changing diapers—all while leading the double life of a contract killer.

The struggle is not with his conscience. He enjoys his gig. But a child forces him to weigh selfishness versus safety: continue his line of work, and he’ll always wonder if he’s putting his child’s life at risk. His wife, Risina, serves as his fence, and like Columbus, she’s good at her job and likes doing it—an unusual take on working motherhood.

When the next assignment comes in, both Columbus and Risina are surprised to find that the mark is another assassin: a brash, young killer named Castillo, an assassin on the rise. Even Columbus is impressed with Castillo’s tenacity and talent. And as he closes in on his target, Columbus realizes that Castillo is a younger version of himself. It’s almost like looking in a mirror. Castillo, for his part, has even studied Columbus’s work.

But Columbus’s assignment is clear and there is no turning back. Yet Castillo quickly learns that his hero and unwitting mentor has a family—a revelation with enormous ramifications.

Mr. Haas is currently the lead writer on “Chicago P.D.,” “Chicago Fire,” and the forthcoming “Chicago Med.” Additionally, he and his screenwriting partner Michael Brandt are the force behind such kinetic screenplays as the blockbuster hit Wanted, the critically acclaimed 3:10 to Yuma, and The Double. Haas and Brandt also created and executive produce the hit show Chicago Fire, currently airing on NBC.  He is also the author of The Assassin trilogy, the best-selling Silver Bear trilogy novels, Columbus, Dark Men, and The Right Hand, which was recently optioned by Universal Pictures. Derek currently lives in Los Angeles and is the editor of, which promotes genre short fiction from top screenwriters and authors.

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